SMS Marketing - SMS Notifications

Bulk SMS Messages
Promos - Specials - Deals - Offers

Market research shows that more the 96% of text messages are opened and read within minutes of receiving. With SMS marketing, ensuring your customers have received your message has never been easier.

SMS Marketing allows you to reach your most loyal customers within minutes. Emails can end up in spam/junk boxes, but a text message is delivered directly to the hands or pockets of your customers.

Running an SMS campaign is as easy as 1, 2, 3... First create your message, then select the group or individuals to receive your message, then click Send. It's that easy, we handle the rest!

Individual Notifications
Billing - Reminders - Verification

Our SMS platform does not have to be used just for Bulk SMS Marketing. Our SMS platform is designed to allow you to utilize SMS technology to fit the needs of your business.

"Your bill is currently past due" - "Your order is ready for pickup" - "Your order has been placed. Transaction ID: 1234567" - "Forgot your Password Verification Code: xyz123" these are just a short list of examples on how our system can be utilized.

Developer API's

Leverage the powser of our SMS platform within your application or service through our SMS gateway. Whether you're an independent developer or you work on a team, we're here to provide you with the right tools and the support you deserve.

We offer both a REST and a HTTP API to allow access for all developers of all skills to beable to use our system, and all applications no matter how outdated the technology used to create it.

We've created API's for just about all of our SMS features, including, Bulk SMS, SMS Notifications, Text-2-Vote, Text-2-Win and Text-2-Join.