Website Analytics - Mobile Analytics

Site Statistics
Visitors - Page Views - Traffic Trends

Capture statistical data of your Website or Mobile App, know how many users visit, know what pages are being viewed, and know how many times users come back.

When is your website hit the most and the least? With our analytic tools you can gage when sales or promotions need to take place to increase your site traffic during your "slow" time(s).

Trace Customer Path
Where - Who - How

Understanding Where your customer came from is just as important and knowing Who your customer is. Klutech's state of the art analytics system captures every movement your customers make on your site or mobile app, from start to finish.

On arrival we capture the details on how they arrived. Was it from an email, search engine, facebook, twitter, yelp, another website? With this information you can learn what works and what does not work in your campaigns.

During visit we capture how the user interacts with your site or app. What are they clicking on, watching, how long are they on a page for, how many pages they viewed. These key details can help with your business decisions like what to cut from inventory or what to triple up on in inventory for example.

Know Your Audience
Technology - Language - Location

Who are your visitors? Every visitor is a potential customer, and understanding who they are will help you convert visitors into customers.

On first arrival to your site or application we capture the most information possible, including your visitors technology, default computer language and geographic location.

Knowing whether or not your visitors have Adobe Flash installed and enabled could help you make a decision to use Flash based technology. Your website is only available in English, but more then 40% of your visitors have Spanish as their default language, now could be the time to try and offer your site in both English and Spanish.

Location, Location, Location. Insight to your visitors geographical location can help you determine your next marketing campaign.